Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Harvest Party- Part 2

Note- the little asterisk (*) means Emma's Jess. And this story is told through the views of my dolls, so that's why the pictures are a bit different at times.
The girls quickly arrived at the Harvest Party. Jessica was the first to make a splash.
"FOUR!!!" Jessica yelled as she slammed her croquet ball with the stick. Then she ran off to retrieve the ball.
"Hi everybody!" Jess waved. She loved going to parties.

"Hey, you guys!" *Jess* exclaimed back.
Then the four guests noticed what Jessica was doing.

"Can I PLEEEASE have this popcorn?!?!?" Jessica begged. She had set aside her croquet and had practically gone face-down in the bowl of popcorn.
"Umm... Sure?" Saige said, pushing the bowl towards Jessica.
"THANK YOU!!!" Jessica yelled, then she sat down to enjoy her snack.
Meanwhile, Jess wandered around, saying "Hello!" to everyone, and floating around the room like the social butterfly she was.

"Oh, *Jess*! It's so good to see you!" Jess said while giving her a hug.
"You too! We haven't seen each other since---well, FOREVER!" *Jess* responded.
The two sisters settled in for a nice chat.

Samantha walked over to Cecile and Isabelle. "Hi! Cool costumes you two!"
"Oh thanks, Samantha!" Cecile replied. Isabelle blushed.

Ivy joined a small group consisting of Sloan, Nikki, Adam, and Julie.
"So... Can you guess what I am??" Ivy asked her best friend Julie.
"OOH! OOH! A....LION!!!" Julie guessed.
"YES!!! I can't believe you actually got it on your first try!" Ivy was delighted.
"Well...It must be the special BFF powers!" Julie laughed.

"Hello, Molly!" Emily greeted her friend. "What are you for the party?"
"I'm a 30's girl! And you are??" Molly asked.
"Well, I guess you could say I'm a 1700s girl!" Emily giggled.

The party was in full swing. All of the girls (and the one boy) were having a great time.

"Soooooooooooo, who are you?" Nikki frowned and looked at Jessica's hat.
"I. Am a Croquet Champion Cowgirl!" Jessica answered, looking over Nikki's outfit.
"Well, I'm a regular cowgirl...I even had a horse..." Nikki frowned deeper and looked away.

Jessica frowned and decided to top Nikki. "WELL. I have a croquet stick and a croquet ball!!"
Then she flung her hands up while holding onto her croquet tools, but she wasn't holding on to the ball tightly enough.

PHEW! Jessica accidentally threw the ball backwards.

"Whoops..." Jessica said.

The ball landed in the punch bowl! The girls around the snack table all screamed and jumped back when the ball came whizzing through the air to plop in front of them.

Emily reached down and handed the wet ball to Jessica.
"Here you go, Jessica," she said.

Jessica dried the ball off on her shirt. "Thanks, Emily!"

After the punch bowl incident, the party continued. Cheery voices coursed through the room, yummy popcorn smelled wafted in the air, and the girls (and one guy) complimented one another on their fun costumes.

 "It's time for the costume contest!" *Jess* yelled.
Isabelle pushed back a table and cleared it off so that it could be the "stage".

Emily went first. "I'm a colonial girl, ready for tea time."

Jess stepped up and said, "I'm an Irish dancer! Not in real life, but that's my costume anyways!"

"I'm an artist. Not Parisian," Samantha explained.

"I am a mighty, ferocious lion!! Rawr!" Ivy struck a lion pose, then hopped off the stage.

"And I am not a cowgirl. I am a Croquet Champion Cowgirl!" Jessica declared.

Once everyone had their picture taken for the contest, it was time for the Spice girls to go home.
"I'm going to post this on our blogs and people can vote for our outfits and see which one they like best!" *Jess* declared.
"Oh fun!" Jess responded.
"I can't wait to see who will win!" Ivy squealed.
"Well, we should get going," Emily said.
"NOOOOO!!!!" Jessica screamed and threw herself to the floor, crying and swimming in the popcorn still on the ground.
Eventually, the girls got Jessica up and out the door. They all waved goodbye to each other, and concluded the party for the evening.
So, whose costume from my dolls do you like the best? Leave a comment below, and the winner will be announced in another photo story. The comments for this post won't be published until the end of the contest, but I will look at them and count the votes.
Also, don't forget to check out Emma's doll's sides of the story at her blog here. Have fun!
XOXO Ginger Spice


  1. Jessica's costume is definitely my favorite! :)

  2. LOLOL! Jessica is amazing :P
    I vote for Jessica! :D

  3. Do Samantha and Jess Irish Dance?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    I do, so it would be cool if they do!

    1. No, neither of them are Irish dancers. Samantha is a ballet dancer, but since she goes to a dance studio, she borrowed the Irish dancing outfit for Jess to wear as a costume. When I was younger, I liked the Irish dancing set, but none of my dolls were Irish dancers! Yet I somehow ended up with the outfit. I personally would love to try Irish dancing sometime!

    2. Oh! Ok! Just FYI, most ID studios are entirely separate from other studios because we use different equipment. While schools might let people borrow school dresses (the dress Ivy is wearing is a school dress and they average anywhere from $200-$600, hence why schools let people borrow them. It's pretty crazy. Though solo dresses average new from $800-$2500, so......) wigs are supposed to match your hair color, so schools don't really loan wigs.

      Sorry for the loooooooong bit of trivia. In case you can't tell, I like to tell people about dance. :)

      Haha, 2/3 of my dolls Irish dance, yet I still have no dance dresses for them. I already did design all of their solo dresses, drafted a pattern, and bought all of the fabric to make them, so hopefully I can finish them soon. I can post pictures on my blog if you want!

      It is really fun! I'm assuming you live by Jaclynn, so here is the link to an amazing school in that rough area:
      I know it is a rather competitive school, but I know lots of people who dance as a hobby dance there.

    3. Thanks for the info! It's cool to learn new things like that! And thanks also for the link to the dance school!