Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jessica in Mars

One day, Jessica and her pet polar bear were walking along the planet of Mars. Jessica was prepared for her space dance routine at the Mars Stadium. The Martians were there for an intense game of space ball, and Jessica just knew that she would be needed there to spice things up.
"Come on, Merida! We can't be late to the giant baboon fest! I can't wait to come floating in on my favorite hair bow. Man, we've been walking for years! Wonder when we can sit down..." Jessica pondered.

But then... A HUGE pillow landed right in front of them! It was radiating heat from it's super speeding from the sun.

"Woah! This is perfect! A pillow to sit on!" Jessica squealed in delight.

Jessica sat down on the warm pillow, and said, "Time for a snack!"
She pulled a rose out of the flaming hot ground and stuck it between her teeth.

Then she gnawed on it, savoring the rosy flavor.

"Oh, Coconut! You're back from the doggy gym!" Jessica said.

Then she was off! Zooming through space, soaring through the air!
"Now, this is the way you should see space!" Jessica decided.

Then her space craft landed in a new part of Mars.
Jessica sniffed the air in this new part of the world. "Mmm... Smells like... POPCORN!!!"

"That it is! This is Popcorn, Mars," a high-pitched voice said, the creature owning it extended it's sock covered hand to help her out of the space craft.
"Umm... Who are you?" Jessica asked, not taking the creature by the hand.

"I am Malishiaga. I am a servant of the Empress FANTA. She has requested your presence in the throne room," Malishiaga said.

"Awesome!" Jessica said.
"You must pay to enter though. It will cost you one pair of yellow, overly large sunglasses," Malishiaga explained.
"Oh! I have one of those right here! Say, does the Empress FANTA like bananas?" Jessica asked as she handed the glasses over.

"Well, I don't know if she likes bananas, but she absolutely adores Jupiter!" Malishiaga answered.
"Oh, OK. Totally understandable," Jessica agreed.

Then, two creepily large hands extended from the sky and grabbed the girls by the head.
"Going up!" Malishiaga said cheerily.
Jessica was surprised at how calm she was. Her heart wasn't even pounding hard at all!

"This is Empress FANTA," Malishiaga told Jessica.
"Malishiaga, your work here is done. BEGONE!" a loud, grating voice boomed.

"OK! Bye!" Malishiaga waved.

Then Malishiaga was flung to the side of the planet.
"Wow, Empress FANTA! You sure have a cool city here!" Jessica said as she sat down.
The Empress smelled her popcorn scented feet.

"YES, IT IS VERY NICE!!! NOW... TO THE ABYSS WITH YOU!!!" The Empress FANTA grabbed Jessica by her hat.
"Oh, OK. Well, nice meeting you!" Jessica said, once again surprised that she wasn't scared.

The Empress FANTA flung Jessica into a dark, never ending hole in the ground.

"Wait... This isn't fun! Someone get me out of here!!!" Jessica yelled.

A little white head popped up. "Do you require assistance??? DO YOU???" The little unicorn said.

"I am Verbanos! I am off to rescue the endangered pancakes!!!" the unicorn announced.

"I'm OFF!!!" Verbanos yelled, flying out of the abyss.
"NO! WAIT!!! You can't leave me here!!!" Jessica screamed.

"I never got my nachos!!!" Jessica yelled out.

"Nachos... nachos... nachos..."

"Nachos!!!" Jessica shouted out, then woke with a start.
She sat up in bed and breathed in deeply to still her heart.
"Phew! It was just a dream..." she told herself.

"Boy, I shouldn't have tried the jalapeno and black pepper popcorn before bed last night," she muttered.

She turned over and was completely startled by what she saw next.

"Hello! I am Verbanos!" a little white unicorn declared.

"Do you have any endangered pancakes that need saving?" Verbanos asked.

Jessica blinked once. Twice.

Verbanos blinked back.

Jessica flung the covers over her head and hid from the unicorn.
"It was just a dream. JUST A DREAM!!!"
I hope that you enjoyed this wacky photo story! It was a lot of fun making it, due to the nonsensical nature.
XOXO Ginger Spice


  1. This was really funny! :D It was kind of like a dream since sometimes I didn't exactly know what was going on. Great story! :)


    1. Thank you very much! I tried to make it nonsensical to a degree, since most dreams don't make sense, but I wanted there to be a bit of a storyline as well. I'm glad you liked it!

  2. LOLOLOL!!!:) That was so much fun to make! Whenever I come over it's always so much fun!:D

    1. Yeah, thanks bunches for comin' over and being the empress for me! That was a nice touch.

  3. This was really funny! LOL! I loved the end! :D

  4. This was so fun!

    Maybe Jessica should stick to regular popcorn before bed ; )


    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
      Yes, I think she learned that the hard(ish) way!

  5. Funny story. I was wondering how it made sense......just a dream.

    1. Thank you! I've thought about how someone who didn't know that it was a dream might be thinking when they started to read this story, because it makes no sense!

    2. You should do more posts like this.