Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Introducing the Ever Afters and a Note.

Hey, y'all! So far, I have only received a couple of votes on the costume contest (here), so for those of you who haven't voted yet, get voting! As mentioned in that post, I'm not posting the comments until the end of the contest, which will be midnight on this Saturday, November 1. I might have deleted a comment on accident, but don't worry! I still know who the vote was for. And I might be able to still post that comment, but I won't know until the end of the contest.
But in the meantime, please enjoy this new photo story!
One afternoon, Ashlynn Ella, Raven Queen, and Madeline Hatter were moving into their new dorm at Ever After High.
"Finally! We've gotten all of our stuff in!" Raven said with her hands on her hips, glad that the heavy lifting was over.
Madi copied Raven's movements and replied, "Yeah! This is going to be the best dorm ever!!"

Raven dropped one of her arms, watching Madi do the same.

Then she dropped her other arm, blatently staring at Madi as Madi stared back, while she dropped her other arm.

"Copy cat!" Raven said, annoyed.
"I thought you were over that, Madi," Ashlynn pointed out.
"NOPE! Well, now that we're done moving our stuff in, let's EAT!" Madi shouted.
"I agree!" Ashlynn smiled.

"I'll set the table with whatever I can find," Ashlynn said.
"Alright. Where are our chairs?" Raven asked.

"I've got 'em!" Madi exclaimed, dragging their chairs in.

Ashlynn finished setting the table, and Raven and Madi set up the chairs.
"So, what do we have to eat?" Raven asked Ashlynn.
"Umm... We have instant oatmeal," Ashlynn grimaced.
"Well, I'm so hungry, I would eat a teapot!" Madi stated.
The girls made the instant oatmeal, then scooped it into their bowls.
"SO. What are we going to eat this with??" Madi asked.
"Oh, no! We don't have silverware!" Ashlynn groaned.

"Well then, since it's worst case scenario here..." Madi slapped her face into her bowl of oatmeal and started to slurp.
"Gross!" Ashlynn squealed.
"Oh, Madi!" Raven sighed.

"Madeline, proper young ladies don't eat with their faces!" Ashlynn explained while she pushed Madi's face away from the bowl.
"But how else are you supposed to eat food??" Madi asked, dumbfounded.
"Look, let's just go find some silverware at the store," Raven decided.

"But I'm so HUNGRY!!!" Madeline stood up on her chair and protested.

"I am not going to eat with my face in the bowl like an animal!" Ashlynn demanded. "We are going to the store!"

"Come on, you two," Raven stood up and started to walk out of their dorm. Madi and Ashlynn were not far behind.

Not too long after the girls had left, another girl was walking along the halls of the school's dormitory when she found Raven's, Madi's, and Ashlynn's room.
"Oh! Here's my room!" she said to herself.

Blondie walked through the door of the room and noticed the three bowls of oatmeal on the dining table, then stepped a little closer.

"Mmm... I am getting kind of hungry..." She muttered.

She glanced to the left...

Then to the right...

Then she looked at the bowl again.

"This must be for me, since no one else is here..." She said, quickly brandishing her ever-ready silver spoon. "Good thing I always carry my trusty spoon with me!"

She sat down at Raven's oatmeal bowl first. "Yay! Oatmeal!"
She stuck the spoon into her mouth.

Quickly, she took the spoon out of her mouth and gagged. "Ugh! This is soooo sour!" 

She stood up and moved to Ashlynn's bowl. "I'm glad that they left me more than one bowl. So kind of them to do that, in case I don't like one type of oatmeal."

She sat and tried out Ashlynn's oatmeal.

She coughed. "Waaaaay too sweet! And it's pretty dry..."

Then she stopped at Madi's bowl.

She scooped up some of the oatmeal.

She slowly lifted the spoon to her mouth, rather hesitant to try it since the other bowls had been so horrible.

"Perfect! Slightly sweet, not too dry, and the perfect consistency!" She said with joy.

She quickly scooped up a huge spoonful of the oatmeal and smushed it into her mouth.

The other three girls arrived back at the dorm not long after.
"I can't believe that there was no silverware at the store!" Ashlynn said, exsasperated.

"Madi, we could have used your earrings!!!" Raven pointed out.
"Oh... Yeah!" Madi said with a giggle.

The trio walked into their room, and was completely stunned by what they saw.

"WHAT is going on???" Raven asked.
"Well, a girl is sleeping on our dining table!" Madi explained.
"It was a rhetorical question," Raven sighed, exhasperated.

Blondie was crashed out on the table. The oatmeal had really made her sleepy, so she had settled in for a nap.

The three girls gathered around the table. Ashlynn looked at Blondie's shoes and said, "Whoever this girl is, she has nice taste."
"Whoever she is, she shouldn't be sleeping on our table!" Raven exclaimed.
"GIRL! WAKE UP!!!" Madi yelled.

"Mhm..." Blondie grunted and started to sit up.
"Who are you, and what are you doing here?" Raven demanded.
"And where did you get these fabulous shoes??" Ashlynn inquired.
Madi frowned, "Now I feel like I should ask her a question!"

Blondie looked around, then said, "Wait, what is going on?"
"That's what we're asking!" Ashlynn exclaimed.
Madi cleared her throat, "First of all, who are you? And second, what are you doing on the table?"

"You know, we should really get you off of the table. Proper ladies don't sit on tables!" Ashlynn said as she helped their uninvited guest get down.
"Uh, OK. I'm Blondie Lockes. And I just fell asleep after I had finished the dinner you left out for me," Blondie explained.

"WAIT!! You ATE MY OATMEAL!?!?!" Madi shouted in dismay.
"Oh, was that yours?" Blondie's forehead crinkled slightly. "Sorry about that! I thought that you had left me some food while you were gone."
"No... Why would we have left you food when we don't even know you?" Raven asked.

"Wait. You didn't know I was coming?" Blondie wondered.
"Uh, no. Why would we be expecting you?" Madi asked.
Blondie explained, "You would be expecting me because I'm your new roommate!"

"You are?" Ashlynn asked.
"Yes! I thought that the school had told you," Blondie replied.
"No, they didn't. That's odd... But you're here now, so welcome!" Ashlynn smiled.
Raven and Ashlynn gathered around Blondie for a group hug, and Madi patted Blondie on the head.
"Woah, wait! How did you even get in here? We locked the door when we left!" Raven asked.
"Oh, yeah, that. I have this magical ability to open any locked door. It's like the door is speaking to me and just begging me to open it!" Blondie explained.

"Weird..." Madi said, petting Blondie's bangs.
Blondie looked up at Madi, "Don't touch the bangs."
"OK!" Madi hopped down from the table and gave her new friend a big hug.

"We all have magical abilities, and yours is pretty cool!" Raven smiled.
"Thanks!" Blondie grinned back.
"This is going to be fun, having you stay with us," Ashlynn said.
"YAY!!! A new friend to have tea parties with!!!" Madi squealed with glee.
Blondie smiled. I'm going to like it here, she thought.
I hope you enjoyed this Ever After High photo story!
XOXO Ginger Spice


  1. That was a really great story! It was very creative. :)

    1. Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Great story! I think Blondie Lockes is really cute :)