Sunday, April 12, 2015

Climbing Mount Purple Cloud- Part Three: Finale

Hey, y'all! Soooo... Here is the finale of Climbing Mount Purple Cloud! If you haven't read the first two parts, here is a link to part one and here is the link to part two.

Anna had discovered a sparkling snow globe underneath the purple rock. The base of the snow globe was a sea-foam green and aqua color, with gold scrolling and jewels along the sides. The orb encased a beautiful mermaid with red hair and a green tail, while little bits of glitter sparkled as they floated along in the water.
"Wow!" Anna exclaimed. She handed the globe over to Kristoff as she said, "This is so pretty! I wonder why that pirate would have hidden something so beautiful away from the world?"

Kristoff held the snowglobe, and his little heart started to fill with a swell of awe.
"Yeah, this really makes me wonder why the pirate hid it away too..."

Kristoff set down the heavy globe, and Sven licked it.

"Well," Olaf interjected. "That pirate had a pretty interesting story to tell me when he asked me to watch over his treasure." Olaf cleared his throat, then began the story.
"That pirate's name was Indigo Mantonya. He traveled all across the seven seas, pillaging and plundering everywhere he went! He became extremely rich, but no riches in the world could compare to what he discovered on a little island in the middle of nowhere."
"What did he find?" Anna asked, breathless.
Kristoff just nodded, completely enraptured by the story.
Olaf smiled, then answered, "He discovered a cove. It was in that cove he found... Her." Olaf nodded down at the globe.
Anna cocked her head in disbelief. "This snow globe was his most important treasure?"
Kristoff's eyes lit up. "Wow! We're going to be rich, Anna!"
Olaf burst out into a fit of chuckles. "No, no! He discovered a real mermaid, just like the one in the snow globe, with long red hair and a shimmering green tail. He actually made this snow globe in honor of her. When he discovered her, the mermaid was badly wounded from a bullet that one of his fellow pirates had shot at her. The pirate Mantonya nursed her back to health, but along the way, he fell in love with her. She loved him as well, but as these stories always seem to go, their romance wouldn't last." Olaf looked sad for the first time since the trio had met him. "Once the mermaid was healed, she left the cove and joined her family in the sea. She never told Mantonya her name, but she did give him a lock of her hair to remember her by. Mantonya was heartbroken, and in his sadness, he crafted this globe to always remember her. He hid it here in the mountain, and he told me about it, so that I could keep it safe from the other pirates. He died quite a while ago, but his treasure has remained here until this day. And now you have it!" Olaf's face slipped into a grin again.

"Wow," Anna said. "That is such a sad story!"
Kristoff looked down at the snow globe, processing this new information. "I didn't hear all that stuff last night when the story was told. I just found out that there was supposedly pirate treasure up here on the mountain..."
"And to think, this globe was a token of that pirate's love for the mermaid!" Anna's eyes widened.
Kristoff bit his lip. A token of his love... he thought. He then looked up at Anna and said, "Anna, I think you should have the snow globe."
"Oh, Kristoff!" Anna exclaimed. "Are you sure? I mean, you're the one who found out about the treasure in the first place!"
Kristoff nodded firmly as he handed her the snow globe. "I want you to have it."

"Thank you, Kristoff," Anna said, standing up to give him a hug.
"You're welcome, Anna."

And thus ends the story of how Kristoff, Anna, and Sven discovered a pirate treasure and an odd snowman on Mount Purple Cloud. How did you like the story? I had fun writing this for y'all, and I hope that you enjoyed it!
XOXO Ginger Spice

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Climbing Mount Purple Cloud- Part Two

Hey, y'all! I'm back with Part Two of Climbing Mount Purple Cloud! So, to recap... Something completely unexpected happened when Kristoff began building stairs out of the snow by the mountain...

"Hey!" the snow mound exclaimed, it's funny voice rising an octave. "What're you doin'?"
Kristoff backed up with a shout, Anna screamed, and Sven tried to run away from the talking blob of snow.

When the snow mound saw how scared everyone was, he brought one of his stick arms up in a wave.
"Hi! I'm Olaf!" he introduced himself. "And I don't hurt people!"

The kids and Sven stopped running for a moment and looked back at the giant snow-thing.
"What are you?" Anna asked.
"Well, I'm a snowman!" Olaf chuckled. "And what are you?"
Anna and Kristoff looked at each other. "Well, we're..."
Olaf suddenly burst into uncontrollable laughter. Wiping away a tear from his eye, he answered, "I know what you are! I was just asking because you asked me!"

Sven trotted up to Olaf and started rearing up on his hind legs.
"Oh! You have a pet!" Olaf exclaimed with good cheer.

Sven kept jumping up and down until he became too tired to do so anymore. He then sat on his rump and stared at Olaf's bright orange nose, a little dribble of saliva dripping from his mouth.
Olaf laughed, saying, "I like you too!"

"Sven!" Kristoff called. Sven came trotting back to his boy's side.
"So what brings you three here?" Olaf asked.
Anna jumped in. "Well, we're trying to climb to the top of Mount Purple Cloud to search for the treasure that Kristoff heard about yesterday, but we can't get up to the top, so we were trying to use you as stairs!"
"Well, why didn't ya say so! Hop up!" Olaf exclaimed.

Olaf leaned up against the side of the mountain, allowing Kristoff and Sven to climb up first.

Once he was on the mountain, Kristoff helped Anna up. The three friends then stood together, excited that they were so much closer to discovering the treasure.
"Wait, shouldn't we help Olaf get up here with us?" Anna suggested.
"Alright," Kristoff agreed. "Let's see if he needs a hand."

Anna leaned down the mountain and extended her little hand. "Come on, Olaf! I'll help you get up!"
Olaf smiled, but said, "Thank you, little girl, but I can get up by myself!"
Anna wrinkled her nose. She didn't like being called "little girl." She explained, "My name is Anna!"

But Olaf didn't respond, because he was busy launching himself into the air and landing on top of everyone.

"Olaf!" Kristoff yelled.
"Oops! Sorry!" Olaf apologized. "I forget my own strength sometimes!"
Anna glanced at Olaf's stick arms and thought Is he really that strong?

Kristoff pulled himself up and said, "Well, now that we're at the top of Mount Purple Cloud, where should we look for the treasure?"
Olaf piped up, saying, "Ooh! Ooh! I know this one! I've been waiting to say this for forever!"
Anna asked, "What do you mean by that, Olaf?"
"I've stayed here on the mountain ever since that pirate hid his treasure here!" Olaf explained. "He told me the key to finding his treasure was hidden in a riddle."
"Well, what is the riddle?" Kristoff pressed.

Olaf cleared his throat and announced, "To find the treasure you seek, under a purple rock you must peek!"
"A purple rock?" Anna pondered as she sat down.
Kristoff groaned, saying, "But there are so many purple rocks all over this mountain!"

Anna looked around her, then noticed, "Actually, there's only one purple rock on this mountain! The others are yellow!" She then stood up and pointed at the rock she had been sitting on. "The treasure must be under here!"

Kristoff, Anna, and Sven attacked the purple rock with gusto. Olaf watched the trio start to dig into the rock and said, "Oh, how exciting! I've just been waiting and waiting for someone to come along and find that treasure!"

"Olaf is kind of odd," Anna whispered to Kristoff.
"Yeah!" he agreed. "He's probably the way he is because he's been up here for so long!"
Then Anna felt something solid and cold as she was digging.
"Kristoff! I think I found it!"
Sooo.... Whatcha thinkin' so far? The final installment is what's next! I'm so excited to show y'all!
XOXO Ginger Spice

Friday, April 3, 2015

Climbing Mount Purple Cloud- Part One

Hey, y'all! I was able to take pictures over the course of two days for this photo story, and I'm just so happy to share it with you! I know I've been a horrible blogger lately, and I apologize for that. I realized that I have never written a story for Anna and Kristoff the toddler dolls, so I used them for my inspiration this time. I hope you enjoy this photo story!
Anna was having fun playing in her brand-new house on a sunny morning. She had realized that she needed a place to live earlier on in the week, so she had decided to take the initiative and build herself a house! It was really more of a fort, since it consisted mostly of fabric... And some walls... Alright, she had just dragged Ginger Spice's curtain up to make a wall (of some sort) in one of the corners of Ginger's room, and called it her house.
Anyways, one day, Anna heard a muffled "knock" at her door and saw the curtain swing back and forth with the force of the knock.
"Who DARES to disrupt my slumber?!" Anna exaggeratedly yelled, her voice deepening.

She scooted underneath the door to see who was there.

"Kristoff!" Anna exclaimed in delight.
Kristoff smiled. "Hi, Anna!" Then he gave her a funny look and asked, "Was I disturbing something?"
Anna giggled. "No, I just say that whenever someone comes to the door! It usually scares strangers away."

Anna crawled out from underneath her door and realized that Kristoff wasn't alone.
"Oh, you brought Sven!" she reached out to pet Sven.
Sven snuffled with delight at seeing one of his favorite people.
Kristoff nodded and said, "Yep! Sven and I came to ask you something."
"What is it?" Anna questioned.

"We were wondering if you wanted to come with us on an adventure!" Kristoff announced dramatically.
"OOH! An adventure!" Anna squealed with glee. "What kind of adventure?"
Kristoff pointed out into the not-so-far distance. "We're going to climb Mount Purple Cloud!"

Mount Purple Cloud loomed before the children, tall and imposing. The reason Kristoff and Anna called it Mount Purple Cloud was because the mountain seemed to stretch upwards until it touched the clouds. Oh, yes, and because it was purple.

"Why would you want to climb Mount Purple Cloud?" Anna asked, a little nervous at the thought of climbing something so tall.
"Because I heard a story at dinner last night that said that a pirate buried his treasure up there!" Kristoff explained. "It might just be a legend, but I want to find out!"
Sven made some snorting noises in agreement.
Anna fidgeted with her skirt for a moment, but then looked up at Kristoff and answered, "Alright, let's do it!"
"Yes!" Krisoff exclaimed. He then pointed at the book he was standing on. "Oh, and, Anna? Why is there a book on the floor?"
Anna turned her noise up at him and announced,"It's a doormat!"

The trio walked to the base of the mountain, where they were met with a dilemma.
"How are we going to get up?" Anna queried.
Kristoff shrugged. "Maybe we can... Umm... Oh! We can grab the side of the mountain and hoist ourselves up!"
Anna's face told Kristoff all he needed to know about how bad an idea that was.

"Wait!" Kristoff pointed over to a lump of snow to their left. "We can use that snow to build--"
"A SNOWMAN!!!!!" Anna shrieked with joy.
"Uh, no." Kristoff's eyebrows knitted together. "We can use the snow to build some stairs to climb up the side of the mountain!"
Anna frowned, disappointed. "Fine..." she conceded.

Kristoff ran towards the snow and attempted to form it into a big mound of snow stairs, while Anna and Sven stayed back and watched him. But then something completely unexpected happened...
This concludes part one! I can't wait to show you the rest of the story as time goes on. What do you think so far?
XOXO Ginger Spice
P.S. It's good to be back!