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Rules, Rebellion, and Revolution - Part 3

Hey, y'all! I have the third part of Rules, Rebellion, and Revolution ready for you now! If you need to read part two, click here.
The following evening, the four girls slipped out of their dorm room and into the silver moonlight of the night. Ashlynn, Madi, and Blondie followed Raven into the woods, all wondering why they were going there.
Raven finally stopped in the middle of the forest. "Alright, so this is the spot that we're supposed to meet at."
Madi glanced around. "Meet who?"

"Him," Raven pointed to a figure leaning on a tree in the distance.
"Who is he?" Blondie asked.
"That's Hunter Huntsman," Raven explained. "He lives out here in the forest. No one sees him much, except for at school. But he helped me out when I had to revolutionize the school last time, so I've turned to him for help again this time."
All of the girls followed Raven over to Hunter, except for Ashlynn. She was stuck in place, staring ahead of her, seemingly into space.
Blondie was the first to notice. "Um, Ashlynn? Aren't you coming?"

"Uhhh...." Ashlynn stuttered. Her lower lip slightly quivered, and her heart began to palpitate loudly.
Can they hear that? she wondered. But she quickly stopped wondering as she continued to stare at the thing that had her attention enraptured.

Hunter Huntsman.
Ashlynn felt like she was drowning in the warmth of his soft brown eyes. And the way the moonlight played in his silky hair?
She gulped.
He was, simply put, the most handsome young man that she had ever seen. She had met many princes before, but none of them could be compared to Hunter. She adored the adventurous spirit of his that she could sense even from afar. Probably the woodsy clothes, Ashlynn thought.
But no, it was more than that. His entire demeanor spoke of adventure and intrigue. And suddenly, she knew that she wanted to go on adventures with him.

Ashlynn managed to waddle over to her group of friends and glanced at Hunter some more.
"Ashlynn?" Blondie said. "Are you alright? You look kind of flushed!"
"Nothing," Ashlynn mumbled. She hid behind Blondie.

"Everyone, meet Hunter Huntsman!" Raven announced. "He's going to help us fight this ridiculous 'no magic' rule."

"Hat-tastic to meet you, Hunter!" Madi grinned. "I'm Madeline Hatter, but you can call me Madi!"
Hunter smiled. "Hi, Madi! Nice to meet you."
Blondie shyly waved, saying, "Hello. I'm Blondie Lockes."
"Hey, Blondie," Hunter replied.

Raven, noticing Ashlynn's unusual behavior, decided to join her.
"Aren't you going to introduce yourself?" Raven whispered.
Ashlynn couldn't speak.

"So! How come you live alllllll the way out here?" Madi inquired.
Hunter smiled to himself as he started to explain, "I live out here because I like being by myself. Not that I'm a recluse, but I enjoy my time alone. And also, what better place to live than in the woods?" He lovingly looked upon the beauty of the forest. "I mean, who wouldn't want to live amongst all of the wildlife, the clean air, the..." Suddenly, he stopped.

He had found Ashlynn.
Ashlynn had finally managed to turn around and face Hunter. As her gorgeous green eyes locked into his brown ones, something happened to Hunter that he could not explain.
His pulse was suddenly erratic; his mind was racing, with a heart to match. He felt his palms beginning to sweat.
What is going on with me? he wondered. She's just a girl, just like any other...
Oh, but was he wrong! And he knew it as soon as thought it. This was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen- her sparkling green eyes and her long red hair (which was only highlighted by the light of the moon) were two lovely assets of hers, along with her pretty face. Somehow, he just knew that her external beauty was only matched by her internal beauty. He didn't know the slightest thing about her, but he suddenly wanted to know everything about her. To start with, her name.

Raven, Blondie, and Madi stayed back and watched as Hunter and Ashlynn took slow steps towards each other, seemingly hypnotized by the sight of each other.

Their hands clutched together, a shot of electricity racing through them both as they shook hands for the first time.
"Hunter," he introduced himself.
"Ashlynn," she shyly smiled.
Hunter returned her smile, and with that, their little spark burst into a flame.

When she couldn't take it anymore, Madi bounced between the two and declared, "HEY!! You GUYS!!! We're still here, you know!"

"Uh, right..." Hunter shook his head in an attempt to clear his muggy mind. Ashlynn quickly returned to her spot, while Hunter cleared his throat."So, where were we?"

"We were just introducing each other," Raven said. "But we should get on with the whole 'helping us out' part of the plan," she said, one eyebrow arched.
"Right! Well, one of the most effective ways to fight a new rule or law, is to bring attention to the issue to the public," Hunter explained. "Grown ups usually give us more positive attention when we follow the rules of appeal. We won't resort to more destructive or 'violent' measures unless following the rules doesn't work. But in the meantime, any suggestions for how to bring attention to the cause?"

Blondie glanced at her friends, then slowly raised her hand.
"Yes, Blondie?" Hunter responded.

"Well, I have a really popular blog that all of the students of this school read. I could post something about this horrible new rule there, and people will see it!" Blondie smiled.
Hunter didn't respond.

Blondie looked at Raven and whispered, "Why isn't he talking?"

Raven smiled wryly. "I think that he's a bit... Preoccupied at the moment."
Ashlynn and Hunter had resumed their dopey gawking.

Raven waved her hand in front of Hunter's face and managed to awake him from his trance.

"Hunter, can you FOCUS!?!" Raven demanded.
He frowned slightly, saying, "Alright, alright! Sorry. I couldn't help it." He turned his head away, his face flushed slightly.

Ashlynn quietly giggled to herself.

"Alright. So, what did you say, Blondie?" Hunter started again.

Blondie sighed, then repeated herself.
Hunter smiled at her idea. "That would be great! You work on that. We can also make fliers for the school itself, to show the Headmaster that we are fighting this openly in his face."

"Great idea! We'll get to work on it," Raven decided. "Thanks a lot, Hunter!"
"Um, maybe I could come over sometime and help you with those fliers?" Hunter hesitantly asked.
When she saw the way that Ashlynn beamed at his suggestion, Raven gave in. "Alright. Come over this Saturday, and we'll make fliers."
"Great!" Hunter almost shouted. "Uh... I mean... OK. Cool. See you all then." His eyes darted over to Ashlynn's. She blushed.

"Bye, Hunter!" The girls waved and headed back to their dorm.

The girls were walking along the halls of their dorm, when Madi stopped.

"WAIT!!!" she shouted.
"Shhh!!" Raven and Blondie shushed.
"You need to stay quiet, Mads!" Raven explained. "Other students are asleep!"
"But what is it?" Blondie asked.

Madi cocked her head to the side and asked, "Where is Ashlynn?"

Out in the distance, Ashlynn and Hunter danced under the stars together, with only the music of the wind and the murmurings of the nightingales to dance to. As they swayed to nature's song, they discovered just how much the had in common-- such as their love for the woods and the animals in it. Something wonderful and powerful resonated deep within their hearts that night.
This was the start of something beautiful.

I hope y'all enjoyed this latest installment! I had a lot of fun writing this part-- thanks Ashlynn and Hunter! Do you like romantic stories? Or are they too sappy for your taste? Let me know what you think below!
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Quick Update

Hey, y'all! I just wanted to let you know that I have photos ready for the next part of Rules, Rebellion, and Revolution! I'll be posting maybe tomorrow, or Black Friday. I don't know exactly when, but it should be soon! So stay tuned!
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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ginger Spice Time!

Hey, y'all! I've collected a couple of photos that had my name (more or less) in them in random places, and I wanted to share them with you!
This is a Ginger Spice Cake from Trader Joe's. I now have a strange desire to try it... Has anyone tried this before? If so, is it any good?

This came in the mail. I'm signed up as Ginger Spice to receive the American Girl catalogues, but I kind of forgot about it. So when I got this in the mail, I got a big laugh out of it! I told my mom, "You know this means you're now Mama Spice, right?" She didn't particularly like the idea...
Yes, I know this was kind of a random post, but I really wanted to show y'all these! I got a kick out of them, and I thought maybe you would too. Thank you for your time!
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Friday, November 21, 2014

Blogger Recognition Award

Hey, y'all! I'm so excited to have been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award! Thank you Christian Homeschooler for your nomination!
Here are the rules-
1.) Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to. Do some digging if you must! Find those blogs. You cannot nominate yourself, or the person who has nominated you.
2.) Write a post to show off your award! Give a brief story of how your blog got started, and give a piece or two of advice to new bloggers. Thank whoever nominated you, and provide a link to their blog. List who you’ve nominated in the post.
3.) Make sure to also attach the award itself! (You can do this by right-clicking, saving, and uploading the image above.)
4.) Comment on each blog and let them know you’ve nominated them. Provide a link to the award post you created.
5.) Provide a link to the original post on Edge of Night. That way, anyone can find the original guidelines and post if needed, and we can keep it from mutating and becoming confusing! (It happens LOL)
Note: You can decline the award if you don’t feel up to doing the above, but remember-you have to earn it by doing the work!
Alrighty then, here we go!
My blog got started because I love dolls and stuffed animals, but I didn't feel right spending money on them if they were just going to sit on my shelves. I was telling my friend Emma about that, and she suggested that I start a doll blog! She told me that she thought I would be really good at it, since it would be combining two things I love- dolls and writing. I put it off for a while, but while I was spending the night at Emma's place one night, she finally convinced me to do it. She was the one who suggested that I come up with a fun alias too! We bounced around ideas for my alias and my blog name until we came up with what I have now. I set up my blog the next day, and the rest is history! (tee hee...)
As for the two bits of advice for new bloggers--
1.) Your blog design is the first thing that people notice when they visit your blog. So make sure that your look is appealing! Not just the header, but the body of your blog, including the actual blog post. I've visited at least one blog before that had a painfully bright background, so I didn't stick around for very long. Also, don't make your font color too light or too small, or no one will be able to read your post! And try to make sure that your grammar and spelling is correct. But no one is perfect!
2.) Post often. If you don't post often, then no one will remember to come back! Also, try to make your readers feel at home on your blog. Respond to comments, make connections with fellow bloggers, ask those bloggers to visit your blog, request feedback, and always be kind. Your blog should be a place that brings your readers into your world. Make them want to come back to your world!
Now for the nominees. I don't think that I visit fifteen blogs yet, but here are the people that I'm nominating-
Kathryn from The Best Loved Dolls
Everyone else that I thought of, had already been nominated! If I forgot some people that haven't been nominated, consider this an open invite to be nominated!
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Barnes and Noble Christmas Stuffed Animals

Hey, y'all! So, as I'm sure you noticed, the Christmas season is quickly approaching! I absolutely love Christmas, so I'm definitely excited about that. Today I wanted to show you a couple of photos that I took at the bookstore the other day.
I noticed these super adorable stuffed animals in the children's section of Barnes and Noble. There were a few other Christmas-y stuffed animals, but these are the ones that stood out to me.
The gingerbread man and woman are so sweet! (pardon the pun) They would look so adorable sitting on a shelf as Christmas decorations for your bedroom, or you could give them as a gift to your bestie! They are each sold separately, but they looked so cute sitting there side-by-side, I had to take the picture of them together. Click here for the boy's B&N page, and here for the girl's. (Psst... The pictures on the webpage don't do them justice!)
And lastly, Mr. Jingles! That's the name of this super cute (and soft) mouse. I personally love mice stuffed animals, and this one is so adorable! His Christmas outfit is so sweet, with his scarf and vest-- he looks like he's going to go Christmas caroling. I would love to take this little guy home with me someday, or maybe someone could get him for me for Christmas this year (wink, wink). Click here for Mr. Jingle's page.

Have you popped over to Barnes and Noble and seen these 'lil guys yet?
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Rules, Rebellion, and Revolution- Part 2

Hey, y'all! I'm so sorry for the lack of posts over the weekend. Let's hope that this will make up for it! Presenting the second part of Rules, Rebellion, and Revolution! If you haven't read the first part, click here.
A week after the Ever Afters decided to fight back on the new "no magic" rule, Madi, Blondie, and Ashlynn had gathered together after dinner at the dining table to make signs for one of their acts of rebellion-- a student strike!
"So, Raven wants us to make these signs, but I don't know what we should even put on them!" Ashlynn exclaimed.

"Well, maybe it could say something like, 'RISE!! Join us!!" Blondie suggested.

"Ooh! We could do it with sparkly letters and sequins!" Madi squealed in delight.

"Yeah! And then, all of the letters could be about two feet tall!" Blondie emphasized.

"The saying is strong..."

"But also sweet! Since we're extending our invitation of rebellion to others!" Blondie smiled.

"No, no, no! The saying needs to be different!" Ashlynn countered. "It should be something

"Like, 'Magic is who we are-- don't take that away from us!'" Ashlynn said dramatically.
"Umm... I think that's a bit long to put on a poster, Ashlynn..." Blondie replied.

"Hmmm..." Maddie pondered. "Maybe it should say... Uhhh..."

"You know, maybe we should all come up with our own sayings, and then put those on our posters!" Madi suggested.
"Sure, why not?" Ashlynn agreed.

The girls gathered together their supplies and got to work!
"Mmm, Blondie? Could you help me with these scissors? They're kind of large!" Ashlynn asked.
"Sure! No problem!" Blondie grinned. She was glad that Ashlynn had asked for her help, instead of Madi's, since Blondie felt like she was still the new girl of the group. She dropped down to her knees to help.

"Alright, so keep it steady, Blondie!" Ashlynn said.
"You got it!" Blondie replied.
The two got busy cutting up the large pieces of paper for their posters.

Madi was taping sticks together to attach to the finished posters. "Man, this stuff is sticky!" she frowned.

"Yes! Pink!" Ashlynn giggled as she began to draw her poster.
Blondie watched for a moment, then asked, "So, what is your poster going to say?"
"It's a secret!" Ashlynn smiled.

"Soooo... Should we use the short sticks as they are, or do you want me to tape them together to make them longer?" Madi asked.
"Longer is better!" Ashlynn said.
Blondie nodded, "Yes, if the sticks are longer, then we can hold them higher, so more people will see!"

After an hour of designing posters, the girls all set the finished posters down on the table.
"Well, I think that these are the prettiest rebellion posters I have ever seen!" Ashlynn announced.

"Yeah! These posters are so hat-tastic!" Madi exclaimed.
"I think that they completely encompass who we are, and what we hope to accomplish! They're perfect!" Blondie agreed.

"LET MAD PEOPLE STAY MAD!!!" Madi shouted while waving her sign in the air.
"Yeah, mmm, Madi? What does that mean exactly?" Ashlynn asked.
"Yeah, it seems like that saying would actually make the school want to keep us angry, and not try to appease us!" Blondie said. 

"You guys, you realize that if the school takes away my magic, I won't be able to pull teacups and pots out of my hair? And my whole crazy, mad personality is my magic! So if they take that away, all of who I am will be removed. Since I'm the Mad Hatter's daughter, I am mad. Let me stay MAD!!!" Madi explained. "Also, the definition of the word mad means 'crazy' or 'loony'! Not 'angry'."

"I never even thought of that, Madi!" Ashlynn said. "The part about you being mad and it is your magic, not the word's definition."
"This just makes me want to fight harder for all of us-- for you!" Blondie exclaimed.
Ashlynn clasped her hands together and lifted her leg in delight, "Girls, Raven is going to be so proud of us when she gets home from her errand! She is going to love these signs!"

Just a few minutes later, Raven walked through the front door. "Hey, you guys!"
"Raven!" the girls waved.
"So, did you get the posters done?" Raven inquired.

"We sure did!" Madi danced in delight. "Come on! Let us show you!"

Raven allowed Madi to dragged her over to the table, then she sat down, placing her purse on the tabletop.
"Take a look!" Blondie said.

Raven stood back up, then re-arranged the posters so that she could read them all.
"Let mad... So not... magic... please?" Raven mumbled to herself.

Raven sat back down, stone faced. What on earth are they thinking? she thought.
"I think she likes them!" Madi whispered to Blondie.

"Sooo... Raven? What do you think?" Ashlynn approached, placing her hand on her friend's shoulder.

"I, um, think that... They're, uh..." Raven stuttered.
"Come on... SPIT IT OUT!" Madi pressed.
"Alright, you want to know what I really think?" Raven asked, her face taut.
"Yes!" all three girls exclaimed.

"I think that they're not the right message!" Raven stated. "They're way too soft. Or, at least, the one that says 'Keep Our Magic Please!' Whose poster is that?"
"That's mine!" Ashlynn's voice rose in indignation.
"Well, we're going to have to change yours at least," Raven explained. "It's much too... Nice."

"Well, that's offensive!" Ashlynn said, miffed.
"I'm sorry, but we really need to make an impact on the school! And adding 'please' to your sign isn't making the right kind of impact," Raven said.
"Are ours alright?" Madi asked, gesturing to Blondie and herself.
"I guess yours are fine," Raven consented. "They're strong enough. And I get yours Madi. About staying mad?" Raven paused for a moment, then said, "That one was yours, right?"
"Of course!" Madi giggled.

"Ashlynn, we'll work on your poster later. But for now, we should all get some rest," Raven suggested. "I was out setting up some arrangements for tomorrow. We're going to need some help with our revolution, and I know just the person to help."

I hope that you enjoyed this addition to the story! It was fun to shoot and write. Keep your eyes peeled for the next part! Which rebellion sign is your favorite?
XOXO Ginger Spice