Thursday, November 13, 2014

Grateful Blogger Tag

Hey, y'all! I was tagged by AJ from American Girl AJ for the Grateful Blogger Tag! Thank you AJ for the nomination!
So here are the rules-

  • Thank the person who nominated you, they will surely appreciate it! Also, leave a link back to the person who nominated you.
  • Write ten things you are thankful for. Here's the tricky part though, you can't just say you are thankful for gum or video games, or whatever "little" things you want to discuss. Think deeply about what is important to you. Explain why.
  • Tag ten other bloggers; our goal is to tag everyone. Comment on the blogs you nominated so they know you tagged them.
  • Add the pic above to your sidebar or award page and thank the person who nominated you.

    Alrighty then, here are ten things that I'm thankful for. Some of them are probably very cliche, but here they are anyways!
    1.) God-  I will always be thankful that God is always there, and that I have salvation and forgiveness in Him that cannot be taken away. I know that I will never be alone, even in the midst of darkness.
    2.) Family- I'm really thankful for my wonderful family. I mean, I'm not super close with everyone in my family, but I love them anyways!
    3.) Friends- I have such wonderful friends! I love all of my friends so much, and I'm just so blessed to have them.
    4.) Health- I am really glad that I'm usually a healthy person. I mean, we all get sick, and that is when we realize how much we enjoy being healthy!
    5.) Freedom- I am so extremely thankful that I live in a country that has freedom- religious, political, economical... I don't think that very many of us may realize how blessed we are to live in a land where we don't have to live in fear of the authorities taking us away to prison for worshiping God.
    6.) Books- This isn't a very "deep" thing necessarily, but I am boundlessly thankful for good books. You can go anywhere and do anything if you have the right book! I really enjoy doing things in real life, but sometimes you just don't have the time or ability, like travel to a land of fairies!
    7.) Music- I listen to music every single day! I have a very deep appreciation for music, because sometimes it can say things that you can't. I love it when I find song that is fun to listen to, has great lyrics, and I can relate to.
    8.) Hygiene Products- Silly as it may seem, this is seriously something to be thankful for! Can you imagine going without shampoo, soap, or even showers themselves?! I think we can all be thankful for this!
    9.) Fulfilled Needs- We all have things that we need. Things like clothes, food, water, and medicine. We are so blessed to have these needs fulfilled!
    10.) Fulfilled Wants- And lastly, we all have things that we want. It's great when we have enough money to buy the things that we want.
    And now, I'm tagging Emma from Wack-A-Doodle-Dolls, Jeneca Rose from Vinyl Girls, Jaclynn from Little House of American Girl, Abigail from The Dolls of Maple Street, and the first six people who comment wanting to be tagged!
    XOXO Ginger Spice


    1. Thank you for tagging me, Ginger! I plan to do an awards post soon =)

    2. Please make sure you do every thing in the rules!