Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ever After High- Through the Woods Collection, Reveal and Review

Hey, y'all! Today I learned that there is going to be a new collection of Ever After High dolls! I'm so excited about this, since I'm a big Ever After High fan. The collection is called Through the Woods, since the girls are invited to the exclusive Blue Moon Forest Fest, which is located deep within the forest. These are their forest exploration outfits!
~Blondie Lockes~
Blondie's outfit is so cute! I love the proportion play with the shorts and the knee socks. It looks like her hair is straight, instead of curly like the original doll, which should be easier to care for. She's absolutely adorable!
~Poppy O'Hair~
Poppy is so stylish. I love her pink and purple outfit- it's almost punk! Her hair, short in the back, longer in the front, is so fun! I think that she is beautiful.
~C.A. Cupid~
Cupid has such a chic upgrade! She looks slightly Parisian, due to her fab black beret. I love the pattern mixing of her skirt and top, the tall, metallic boots, and Cupid's new hair. She's got long bangs now, instead of short ones.
~Ashlynn Ella~
And last, but not least, Ashlynn! She just may be my favorite. She doesn't have her bang bump in this version, and she has a fantastic new pair of cutout shoes. She is probably going to be the doll I get first from this collection.
So, what do you think of the new collection? I think it's a wonderful addition to the EAH collection. I'm so excited to eventually add these girls to my doll family. The photos all have a link to the doll's Amazon page, but be warned- they're kind of expensive. I'm hoping that these dolls will come to Target and be cheaper than they are on Amazon, but only time will tell!
Which one is your favorite?
XOXO Ginger Spice
P.S. I'm so sorry about the delay with the costume contest results! I'll try to get right on it before the week is over.


  1. My favorite of the ones pictured is Ashlynn Ella, too :) Who's child is she supposed to be?