Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Jessica's iPhone

Hey, y'all! I wanted to show you something really cool that I made today. I made Jessica her very own iPhone!
The phone isn't completely finished yet, since I need to color in a few more things on the front, but I thought I would show it to you anyways. It was fairly time consuming, since this was my first attempt at making a doll phone, but I'm very happy with the results!
This is the front of the phone. As you can see, the front and some of the apps on the screen aren't completely colored in yet. Something that I completely love about the phone's design is the fact that I can change the screen. I'm planning on making a few different screens to use for photo stories in the future.

And, since this is Jessica's phone, I made her phone case in the style of a karate suit. Most of you are probably thinking I should have made her a case with popcorn on it, but ever since I was little, she has always loved karate. I know I haven't incorporated that in my stories too much, but this is who Jessica has always been to me. And I can still make her another case with popcorn on it, since the back of the phone can be changed, just like the front.
So, what do you think? If you would like for me to make a tutorial on how you can make this phone, leave a comment below!
XOXO Ginger Spice