Saturday, November 8, 2014

Costume Contest Winner!

Hey, y'all! I'm so excited to present to you... The results from the costume contest (here)!
Note- this symbol * means Emma's Jess.
Over a week after the harvest party, Jessica was sitting on the couch, messing with her brand new iPhone.

"So... How does this thing work?" Jessica murmured.

She had been attempting to make the phone work for over an hour when Ivy and Jess walked into the living room.

"I just don't understand why this is taking so long!" Jess said. "My sister is usually very punctual about things!"
Ivy shrugged, "I know! But I'm sure that she'll contact us with the winners of the costume contest soon."

"I hope so," Jess sighed. The two girls stepped closer to Jessica.
"What are you doing, Jessica?" Ivy asked.
Jessica groaned, then said, "I'm trying to figure out how this stupid phone works!"
"WHAT?!? You have a phone?!?" Jess screamed. "I've wanted one of those for FOREVER!!"
"Yeah, well, this one is ridiculous! It doesn't work! It's just a piece of junk!" Jessica exclaimed, throwing the phone to the floor.
"NOOOO!!!! Not the precious!!!" Jess yelled as she dived to the floor in her attempt to save the phone.
Ivy tried to calm Jessica down, saying, "Don't worry, it probably just needs to be rebooted or something."

"You should never throw electronics, Jessica!" Jess cried while Jessica turned towards the side of the couch and started to stuff something into her mouth.
"Well, ziz onf whaf beinh nutsh!" Jessica mumbled.
"What?" Ivy asked.
Jessica spit out a mouthful of popcorn and answered, "I said, this one was being nuts!" 

Jess's brow crinkled as she asked, "Where did that popcorn come from?"
Jessica replied,"I keep a secret stash hidden between the couch covers. Now leave me alone-- I'm busy stress eating!!"
"Put down the popcorn and pick up the phone!" Jess said. "I'm going to help you figure it out. Some of the people down in production that I've worked with for my concerts have iPhones, so I know how to work 'em."

"Now," Jess began as she sat down, "what is it that you want to do on the phone?"
"Umm... I would like to download Flappy Bird!" Jessica said.
"Alright, then here is how you do that," Jess started to explain how the app store works. Then something strange started to happen.

"Uh, Jess? The phone is doing something," Jessica pointed out.
"Yeah! It's vibrating! What is it doing?" Ivy asked, her curiosity piqued.

Jess looked at the screen. "Oh! We're getting a phone call-- from *Jess*!" Then she gasped, "Maybe she's finally got the results for the costume contest!"

Jess clicked the "accept" button, then put *Jess* on speaker. "Hey, sis! What's up?"
"Hey! Well, I have the winner from the harvest...contest...thing," *Jess* said.
"Oh, yay! We've been waiting!" Jess said excitedly.
Ivy looked on and listened as the two girls chatted. "Wow, I've never experienced anything like this before!" she thought. (Ivy is a 70s child)
"Yeah, I know, sorry about that. Saige has been using the...GET OUT OF MY FACE! Sorry. Molly is so excited to see who's gonna win, we're basically nose-to-nose." *Jess* said. "What was I saying? Right, Saige has been using the computer nonstop! I've hardly seen the screen, but now I've FINALLY gotten onto the computer and I have counted up the votes!"
"OK, so who won on your side?" Jess asked.
"It was a tie between Julie and Molly, Isabelle, and Cecile!" *Jess* replied.
"Oh, wow! That's a lot of people in a tie!" Jess exclaimed. "And who won on our side?"
*Jess* laughed, "Jessica won."

Jess and Ivy looked over at their friend.
"Jessica! You won!" Ivy laughed with glee.
Jessica's face slowly spread into a grin.

Then she sprang up from her seat and started to dance around the room, singing out, "Yay!!! I AM A CROQUET CHAMPION COWGIRL!!! I'm a winna, woo hoo!!!"

As Jessica continued to perform her victory dance, Jess wrapped up the phone call with her sister.
"As you can probably hear, Jessica is very excited about winning the contest," she explained.
*Jess* laughed again, "I would think so!"
Jess smiled, then said, "Well, I should probably get going. But it was nice to hear from you. We should get together again sometime!"
"Yeah! Totally! I'll talk to you later! Bye!" *Jess* hung up.

"Man, I really thought that I had a chance!" Ivy said. "My lion costume was so original!"
"I thought it was cute," Jess agreed. "But I think that I can honestly say that Jessica's costume was just a bit more, um... Original."
Ivy giggled, "Yeah, I guess that's true! We'll have to let Samantha and Emily know the results once they get back from grocery shopping."
Jess looked to her right, then with a chucle, said, "Something makes me think that Jessica will be sure to let them know."
"WOOHOO!!!" Jessica yelled.
I hope that you enjoyed the reveal! I was really amused (in a good way) when I found out that Jessica won the contest. Ivy's lion costume came in second place. The votes that you cast will now be published, but I'm not going to be able to post the comment that I accidentally deleted. That vote was for Ivy, just so you know. Have a great night!
XOXO Ginger Spice