Sunday, October 19, 2014

New Blogger Award Nomination

Hey y'all! AJ from American Girl AJ  nominated me for a New Blogger Award! You can be nominated for this award only if you have been blogging for under a year and if you have fewer than one hundred posts, so I'm really excited to have been nominated.
I'm nominating Jeneca Rose from Vinyl Girls for this award. I've popped over to her blog, and she has some really great photos!
AJ's questions for me were---

1.) What is your favorite thing to blog about? I like blogging photo stories and photo shoots. Photo shoots are easier, because you just use the environment that you are in for props and settings, but I think that stories can be more interesting.

2.) What's your favorite holiday? Why? I love Christmas. The food, the decorations, the presents... I also love walking around neighborhoods and looking at the Christmas lights with my family while drinking hot chocolate. And, it's Jesus's birthday! So, it's kinda like the Christian's birthday too!

3.) What post would you like to see me do more? Why? I don't know if you do photo stories, so that would be interesting to see.

4.) What's your favorite thing about fall? So many things! I love all of the pumpkin foods, wearing sweaters, boots, and scarves, and the cooler weather.
Here are Jeneca's questions--
1.) Who is your favorite doll that you own?
2.) What doll is on your wish list?
3.) Do you prefer BeForever or the traditional Historical Characters? Why?
4.) Where is one of your favorite places to take pictures?

Thank you again, AJ!
XOXO Ginger Spice


  1. Hi! Good answers, I'm happy to see this award spreading around. Can you please say the rules though? The blogger needs to have been blogging for under a year, and have less than 100 posts. Thanks!
    P.S. Cute blog!

    1. Sure, I'll edit the post to include the rules as soon as I can. And thank you!

    2. Thank you, and you're welcome.

  2. I loved hearing your answers! I'm also a Christian!

    1. I hope you'll check out my blog!:)

    2. I did check it out. It's cute! I'll be popping over again.