Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Great Pumpkin Showdown! Part 2

"Welcome one and all! Prepare to be AMAZED at the level of creativity you are about to witness!!!" Ivy announced loudly.
"Ivy? Who are you talking to?" Emily asked.
"The AUDIENCE! Or, rather, the imaginary audience," Ivy explained. "And now! First up is Jessica's pumpkin!"

"This is my pumpkin Edna!" Jessica announced proudly. She stood up and walked over to Ivy.

"Ummm... Edna? Why Edna? It's YOU in pumpkin form!" Ivy was bemused, losing her game show voice.
"What I prefer to ask myself is not 'why'--- but 'why not?'" Jessica said. "Besides, I had to call her Edna! It was the first thing in my mind when I saw her... Such a beautiful sight..." Jessica trailed off.
"Uh, OK! Thank you, Jessica!!" Ivy resumed her announcer's voice.

"Umm... Excuse me..." Jessica grabbed her pumpkin's popcorn bowl and walked off.

"Oooh! Me next!" Jess eagerly said. "My pumpkin doesn't have a name unfortunately, but it looks just like me when I'm onstage performing!"

"My! This is impressive! Are those eyelashes??" Ivy asked.
Jess grinned. "Yes, they are!"
"Well, well! Great job, Jess!"

Ivy walked over to Samantha's pumpkin next.
"Well, Samantha! Tell me about your pumpkin!" Ivy was overly exuberant.
"Sure! My pumpkin is dressed up like me when I go birdwatching. I bring Jip with me whenever I go birdwatching (he's a wonderful birdwatcher), so I included him in my display. I tried to make my pumpkin's 'hair' curly just like my real hair, and I attempted to give my pumpkin bangs as well," Samantha explained.

 "This is wonderful, Samantha! I think that Jip thinks that it's wonderful too," Ivy said as she noticed Jip sniffing the pumpkin's face.
"And last, but certainly not least, Miss Emily! Give me the 'low-down' on your pumpkin, Em!" Ivy said.
Emily cleared her throat, "Well, my pumpkin is a very accurate representation of myself for several reasons- but I don't think I have time to mention them all..."

 "NO you do NOT! But I do see the resemblance!" Ivy said. "Great job, Emily!"

"Well, ladies, this has been wonderful! You have all made some incredible pumpkins, but there can only be one winner," Ivy said.

"I am now going to retire into my study, to decide who the winner will be!" Ivy dramatically announced. Then she swaggered out of the room, and entered her bedroom.

The four girls stayed in the living room to wait for Ivy's decision.
"Oh goodness, that girl is a nut!" Jess said, talking about Ivy's dramatic exit.
"I wonder whose pumpkin she thought was the best?" Emily pondered.
"I don't know, but we should know soon," Samantha said.
Jessica ate some popcorn, and starred at it. Then she said, "You do all know that Edna is the best, right?"
Now, here is your part! You are going to vote on whose pumpkin you think is the most accurate representation of the doll that made it, (or it's just plain your favorite) and the pumpkin with the most votes will be named the winner. I won't be publishing your comments until after the contest is over, that way the winner is a surprise to everyone. I will read your comments however, so don't worry about your vote not counting just because it isn't published.
Here are the close-ups of the pumpkins with some descriptions-

Jessica's Pumpkin "Edna."
Edna is dressed for karate, complete with a black belt. Edna's hair is pulled into a ponytail, she has green eyes just like Jessica, and a most important snack sits beside her.

Jess's Pumpkin-
Jess's pumpkin includes her favorite colors, eyelashes, lips, brown eyes, and black hair. A Rachel Lampa CD- which is actually one of Jess's CD's- sits with the pumpkin.
Samantha's Pumpkin-
This is Samantha out birdwatching. She has her binoculars, bird ID cards, and her faithful dog Jip. And as Samantha mentioned, her pumpkin's hair is curly, with bangs.

Emily's Pumpkin-
Emily's pumpkin has red hair (although it is very red), blue eyes, and a smile on its face. Emily loves polka dots, cardigans, and headbands, so this is a perfect example of her style. The pumpkin also has Emily's scrapbook and dog tags with it.
Don't forget to vote! The voting will last the rest of the week, and the winner will be announced on Sunday, so get your votes in before then. I know that the winner is a long way off, but I don't think that I will have the time to post the winner any sooner.
If you don't know the personalities of my dolls yet, then I would suggest visting the "Meet My Dolls" page, and reading previous posts. Good luck to all of the pumpkins!
XOXO Ginger Spice


  1. Fun!! I vote for Emily's. Jess's isn't far behind , though!
    ~ AGgirl

  2. My favorite pumpkin and one that looks like the maker most is Jessica's. :) The hair looks really good!


  3. I vote for Samantha's pumpkin!
    By the way, I just found your blog, and I want to say that you stories are really funny and well written. Great job! :)

    1. Thank you very much! I'm glad that you are enjoying it!

  4. Hi!! Your blog is AMAZING!!! I vote Samantha!!! :)

  5. Uh, this is so hard! Hm, I think that Jessica is the most funny, Emily the most accurate, Samantha the well- also the most accurate- and Jess the sparkliest!;) But I think I'm going to have to go with Emily's pumpkin!:)

  6. I vote for Emily's pumpkin! I love your blog, by the way--I just found it from a referral over on Little House of AG. :-)

  7. I like Emily's pumpkin! ;)

    ~Lydia~ <3

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you for your vote, but the contest has been concluded. The finale was published just a couple days ago. Thanks again!