Monday, September 22, 2014

Samantha's Showcase- Part 2

 Samantha arrived at the dance studio and got ready to practice her dance. She finished her dance and took a practice bow. She had danced her best, and really felt great about her performance.

"Now, if I can dance that well tomorrow night, then I would call that a job well done!" Samantha said aloud.

"Yeah, if you dance that well tomorrow night, then I'm definitely going to have to bring something to barf in," said a snobby voice. Desiree was Samantha's biggest rival at the dance studio, and also the meanest person there.

"Hello, Desiree. Have you practiced yet?" Samantha asked. She always tried to be polite to Desiree, but sometimes she lost her patience easily.
"That is what I'm going to do now. But don't be too upset by how awesome my moves are. You still have one whole night to improve," Desiree snubbed Samantha.

"See you tomorrow at the showcase! Really, you shouldn't bother coming at all. You would just embarrass yourself," Desiree maniacally laughed as she headed to the stage to perform.

Desiree danced extremely well. She was a very talented dancer, just no one wanted to tell her that, since she would only rub it in every one's faces even more than she did. The dance she was going to perform at the showcase was a hip-hop dance; one of the coolest moves she did was a spin on the floor.

Desiree finished her dance with her Michael Jackson pose, then exited the stage.

"Wow, she did well. But I did well too, and I can't wait for tomorrow!" Samantha thought.

After the dress rehearsal was over, Samantha got undressed and put on her normal clothes.
"Tomorrow is a big day! I can't wait to put my tutu back on and dance," Samantha thought.

Samantha put her tutu on the floor of the studio, and left for home, still excited for the next day.
She couldn't wait for the performance.


I hope y'all enjoyed the second installment of Samantha's Showcase.
XOXO Ginger Spice


  1. Awe, poor Samantha. I'm sure she'll do great, though :)

    1. Yeah, Samantha tries not to let Desiree get her down.