Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ivy and Emily's Trip to Sea World

Ivy Ling was ready. She had been ready for this day for a long time- the day that she and Emily would go to Sea World together! She had planned out her outfit days in advance so that she would stay cool during the warm day, she had slathered up in sunscreen, and she was now beyond ready to experience this grand adventure with one of her best friends.
"Emily! Are you ready? I want to get going!" Ivy called.
"Yes, I'm ready now, Ivy," Emily came out of her bedroom dressed in a skirt, with a sweater wrapped around her shoulders. She looked very nice, but she didn't look like she was ready for a long, active day at an amusement park!
"Um, OK... It's just that, well, your outfit isn't exactly what I thought you would wear to a day at Sea World. We're going to be walking a lot! And why are you bringing a sweater? It's going to be blazing hot!" Ivy said.
"I'm bringing a sweater in case the weather should take a sudden turn onto the cold side. It never hurts to be prepared. And don't worry about my outfit, Ivy. I am perfectly comfortable," Emily calmly replied.

"OK, fine. Well, if you're sure that you're ready, then let's go!" Ivy walked out the door, Emily following behind.

Once they had arrived at the park, they stopped in front of the big wave that stretched across the entryway to the park.
"Ooo, this is the perfect backdrop for our very first photo. Let's take a picture here!" Emily suggested.
"OK, but let's make it quick, so that we can actually go and experience the park!" Ivy urged.
Emily asked one of her fellow park-goers if they wouldn't mind taking a picture for her, and they said they would gladly take a photo. Ivy and Emily stood next to each other underneath the wave and posed.
"Thank you!" Emily took her camera back.
"Ooo goody! Let's go on that new roller coaster! Manta sounds like it's going to be fun!" Ivy pointed to the ride in the distance.
"Uh, well, I'm not much of a roller coaster person..." Emily's heart started to race a little.
"Oh, don't worry. Look at how smooth the coaster's cars are moving! It isn't going to be a big ride-- just fun!" Ivy persuaded.

"Well, if you're sure that it isn't a big ride, then let's do it," Emily plucked up her courage.

Ivy wrapped her arm around Emily's shoulder. "Don't worry, this is going to be fun!"

When they had finished the ride, their coaster car pulled up into the station.
"Woohoo!!! That was awesome!" Ivy exclaimed, her arms still up in the air.
Emily's throat hurt from her non-stop screaming, her heart was still pounding, and her headband had been knocked askew by the force of the ride.
 "That. Was. Not. FUN!" Emily declared.
Ivy still had her arms up. She saw the awful look on her friend's face and said, "I'm sorry that you didn't like it. How about you choose what we do next?"
Emily gave a small smile. "Alright."
"This is should be fun!" Emily said joyfully as she sat in the bleachers of the stadium.
Ivy sat next to her. "So, what exactly is this?"
"It's the dolphin show," Emily explained. "The only thrills that we should be getting from this is from watching the dolphins jump in the air."
Ivy looked at Emily, slightly disappointed. She wanted to do something that was exciting! Ivy pointed out to the front of the stadium. "What about if we sit up near the front, in the splash zone? That would make this more fun!"
Emily said, "No, Ivy. I don't want to get wet; this is a nice skirt!"

Emily pushed Ivy's pointing hand down.

"Oh! The show is starting! I'd better get my camera ready!" Emily grabbed her camera, ready to snap a photo at a moment's notice.
Ivy sat through the show, wishing that she could get splashed by the dolphin's tails, like the people in the front rows, while Emily snapped picture after picture of the show.

After the show was over, Emily and Ivy got out of their seats and proceeded to leave the stadium.
"That was amazing! The dolphins were so beautiful!" Emily gushed.
"Yeah, but I bet we could have seen them better from the front row..." Ivy muttered to herself.

"Oh! Let's go see the dolphin exhibit!" Emily suggested.
"OK," Ivy agreed.
Once they found the exhibit, they looked through the glass into the water. The water was so blue, and it reflected its color onto the pair.
"Do you see any dolphins?" Emily asked Ivy.
"No... Maybe they aren't here right now," Ivy hypothesized.
"Oh! There's one!" Emily pointed at the cute dolphin.
"Nice. They're really cool looking," Ivy saw.

After Ivy had discovered just how cool the animals looked up close, she didn't complain about looking at the other Sea World critters. Emily and Ivy discovered the arctic seal next. They both thought that it was absolutely adorable.

Then they ate lunch at the Shamu restaurant, where none other than Shamu himself was eating his own lunch- in the aquarium, of course.

After lunch, the girls decided to visit one last animal before going home.
"I love polar bears. I'm so excited that Sea World actually has one here!" Emily was delighted.
"Yeah, I think it should be pretty cool!" Ivy agreed.
"I noticed a sign that said this wall is actually solid ice. Let's touch it!," Emily said.
"Alright, but it's probably not all that cold," Ivy doubted.

The girls leaned in to touch the ice wall and found that...

"It's COLD!!!" Ivy and Emily squealed.
"Not only is the wall cold, but this entire exhibit is cold! I'm glad I brought my sweater," Emily grinned.
Ivy shivered.

The polar bear was by far Emily's favorite animal of the day. Ivy still preferred the dolphins.

The girls decided to leave the park, since it was starting to get darker out.
As they started walking, Emily said, "Hey, Ivy..."

"Yeah?" Ivy responded.

"I just wanted to say thank you for taking me on that roller coaster. I've never done anything like that before. Yes, it was scary at the time, but now, it's going to be a wonderful memory for me. So thank you," Emily said.

Ivy smiled and said, "Oh, it was nothing. And... Well, thanks for forcing me to see the dolphin show. I found out that I actually like dolphins... A lot! They're my favorite animal now. So, yeah, thanks to you too!"
"Looks like we both had a fantastic day!" Emily beamed.
"Yeah. And it wouldn't have been nearly as fantastic without you there," Ivy said.
"I agree. Only, about you," giggled Emily.

The two friends wrapped their arms around each other and walked home.

I hope that you enjoyed this photo story. It was a lot of work (and also a lot of fun) trying to make the sets and environments for the dolls to pose in. This story was inspired by my trip to Sea World, and while this story certainly doesn't capture everything that I did that day, it does capture the fun that I had. When was the last time you went to Sea World?
XOXO Ginger Spice


  1. Awww, that was so cute! I love the set ups and props and everything! :D
    Hmm...probably the last time I went to Sea World was in 2009 or 2010. It was my first time there and it was really fun! I didn't go on any rides though. We just walked and looked at all of the animals. And I had my sandwich stolen by a seagull :P
    Great photostory! :)

    1. Thank you very much! I only went on one ride when I went to Sea World last, and it was Manta! I personally loved seeing the animals and the shows.

  2. Wow! Nice! I love sea world! I've only been there once....... I would love to go back!!
    You are really good at photostories! :)
    ~ AGgirl

    1. I love Sea World too. It was a wonderful experience! And thank you very much!

  3. Wait a second - is Sea World in Florida? I've never gone, but since it's in Florida, and I'M in Florida, there's a teeny tiny chance that we might go. Just because it's close to us....

    This was so cute btw!!! Emily and Ivy really need each other.

    1. I think there is a Sea World in Florida... I'm not sure, but you can go to their website and look at the locations! And thank you so much! I think that they tend to push each other outside of their comfort zones, which is good!