Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Samantha's Showcase- Part 3

The afternoon of Samantha's showcase, Jess dragged Jessica with her to the dance studio.
"Why do I need to go the showcase, Jess? I've been planning on going to the beach today for, like, a whole night!" Jessica protested as she hooked her thumbs in her pockets.
"Because, Samantha invited us to see her perform, and we need to be supportive friends. That's what friends do for each other! You don't see me or Samantha complaining every time we go to your karate matches, do you?" Jess pointed out. "Also, you should have known that we were coming here today. You were there when Samantha invited us and I accepted!"

"Yeah, well... I was kinda distracted..." Jessica looked down and leaned against the wall, thinking about the fantastic popcorn from the night before, and how tightly it had held her in its buttery clutches. "Mmmm..." Jessica rubbed her lips together.

"Ugh! Just please be good about being here," Jess said.
Samantha walked up to the girls.
"Hey, you two!" Samantha waved. "I'm so glad you could make it!"
Jess waved back while Jessica pouted. "I'm so glad we could come too!" Jess said.

"I need to get changed into my costume now. I'm needed onstage for a light check, and it would be best if I'm in my tutu for it," Samantha said as she crossed over to where her costume was.

"Wait... Where's my costume???" Samantha worried. The place where she had set her costume the night before was completely empty!

"Girls! I can't find my costume!! I can't perform without it!" Samantha panicked.

"Oh no! We'll help you find it. Where did you put it last?" Jess asked.
"It was right here last night," Samantha pointed out the spot.
"It was probably just moved. Let's take a look around," Jess suggested.

Samantha and Jess started their search in the costume department. But Samantha's tutu wasn't there.
 They continued to look through the entire studio, and even asked the other dancers if they had seen Samantha's costume, but no one had seen it. Samantha had to take a break from the search to complete the light check, but joined Jess again afterward. They looked and looked...

Jessica stayed against the wall and stared at the popcorn she had smuggled in her pockets.

After Samantha and Jess had looked through the entire studio, all three girls sat on the floor.
"I can't believe that we didn't find my costume! We searched everywhere!" Samantha said, discouraged.
"I'm so sorry that we didn't find it, Samantha," Jess said. "Do you have another costume you could wear for your performance?"
"No, it was the only one that I had," Samantha answered. "I'm not performing until the end of the show, so we can keep looking, but I feel like we've looked everywhere!"
Jess and Samantha looked down at the floor, completely disheartened.

Jessica looked at them.
"Popcorn?" she held out a kernel.
Samantha and Jess looked at the popcorn.
They sighed.

This concludes part three. I should be posting part four soon.
XOXO Ginger Spice

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