Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Spice Girls' Christmas Eve

Hey, y'all! Excuse me for being a few days late with this Christmas post. I didn't really have very much time to put this photo story together during the Christmas festivities! But anyways, here it is-- the Spice Girls' Christmas Eve!
It was Christmas Eve! Most of the Spice Girls were very excited to be getting dressed up for a fun night out at a Christmas party. Ivy, Emily, and Samantha were standing in the living room waiting for Jess and Jessica to finish getting ready.
Emily looked expectantly at Jess's and Jessica's doors. "Why is it taking them so long? I mean, I understand that Jess takes a while to get ready, but Jessica?"
Samantha shook her head and said, "I know, Jessica should have been the first to be ready! She doesn't care about getting dressed up for-- well, anything!"

"Alrighty! I'm ready!" Jess announced as she stepped out of her room. "What do you think?" Jess spun around, making her bubble skirt puff up.

"I think you look great!" Ivy smiled.
"I agree," Emily nodded. "That is the perfect dress for you!"
"I like your hair clip!" Samantha pointed out. "It really complements your outfit."
"Actually, it's a tiara... But since the comb part fell off, I'm using it as a barrette," Jess explained. "But thanks, Samantha." Jess smiled at her friend.
"So, where is Jessica?" Emily asked.

"Here I am!" Jessica declared, striding out of her bedroom door. She was painfully under-dressed for the party, and everyone noticed immediately.

Jess was the first to voice her opinion. "Um... Jessica? Is that what you're wearing to the Christmas Eve party?"
Jessica looked herself up and down, then grinned. "Yep! It's quite Christmas-y, don't you think? You know, green and red? I'm even wearing a bracelet!"

"Oh, but I forgot my sneakers, so give me ooooonnnneee miiiiinute..." Jessica drawled as she slunk back to her bedroom.

"UH! NO!" Jess grabbed at Jessica's wrist and squealed, "You are not wearing sneakers to the party!"

"Well, I guess I could wear my cowgirl boots, but I'd prefer to not wear heels..." Jessica mused.
Jess sighed. "Let me clarify. You can't wear what you're wearing to the party! Sneakers or no. Did you even brush your hair?"
"Hmm..." Jessica thought for a moment, then answered, "I don't remember."

"Samantha!" Jess babbled. "She doesn't even know if she brushed her hair! What am I supposed to say to that?" Jess exclaimed, flabbergasted.
Samantha patted her exasperated chum on the arm, then directed her attention to her more casually dressed friend. "Jessica, what we're trying to explain is that this party is formal. I mean, look at how the rest of us are dressed!"

Jessica cocked herself over to the side to peek at what her other friends were wearing. Ivy waved at her.

"Oh... Yeah, I see what you mean now," Jessica admitted. "But I hate dressing up! I never wear dresses-- they're much too frilly for me." She stuck her tongue out.
"Well, you don't have to wear a dress to look good," Jess explained. "Come with me, I'll help you put together something that you'll be comfortable in, but still look appropriate for the party."
Samantha tagged along as Jess dragged Jessica back into the bedroom. "And I'll do your hair! You are going to love it!"
Jessica groaned.

After waiting for about fifteen minutes, Ivy said to Emily, "I wonder how things are going in there?"
Emily was skeptical. "I don't know. This is Jessica we're talking about. She would rather die than dress up!"

Just then, Jess waltzed out of the bedroom, looking proud of herself. "Presenting, Mademoiselle Jessica!"

Samantha and Jessica came out of the room together. Jessica was very much improved! Her hair was wrapped in a fun braided ponytail, and she wore a stylish outfit.

"Well? What do you think?" Jessica hesitantly asked.
Jess stood to the side, smiling like the Cheshire Cat, while Ivy and Emily sang Jessica's praises.
"You look fantastic!" Ivy exclaimed.
Emily's blue eyes sparkled. "You look like you, but more put together! It's wonderful!"
Jessica smiled, a little embarrassed by all of the attention.
I walked into the room and noticed how pretty everyone looked. "Wow, girls! You all look fabulous! Let me get a picture of you all together by the tree before you leave for your party."

The girls all gathered around the tree on my desk and smiled. As soon as I snapped a good shot, they left for their party, all still chattering to each other about Jessica's new look.
And what did Jessica have to say? "Well, just don't expect this to happen all the time!"

They left the house and turned off the lights, but left the Christmas tree lights on. The lights sparkled and played with each other as they danced around the Christmas presents underneath the tree.
What a perfect night.
I hope you enjoyed this story! I realized that I didn't take a picture of Jessica's new 'do, so I'm adding that in now.

I wanted to do something with a braid, while still staying true to Jessica's style. Meaning, a ponytail!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I certainly did.
XOXO Ginger Spice
P.S. Did you get anything new for your dolls for Christmas?


  1. LOL! That was great! I'm glad Jessica didn't mind getting a little dressed up in the end :)
    I'm glad you had a nice Christmas! I did, too! :D
    I don't know if you've seen it yet, but you can see what I got on my blog :)
    P.S. Merry (late) Christmas!! Did you get anything for your dolls?

    1. Thank you! I did see your post, I get them sent to my email. It looked like you got a nice haul! I didn't receive anything for my dolls this year, but I'm planning on using some of my Christmas money to buy some fun things for them. (yay!)

    2. You're welcome! :)
      Oooh, yay! I'm excited to see what you'll buy! :D