Saturday, January 17, 2015

The American History Convention- Part 2

Hey, y'all! Despite some technical difficulties, I now gladly present to you part two of the American History Convention!
The girls had arrived at the convention! They crowded into the doorway and stood basking in the fun and exciting atmosphere of the event.
"Oh, yeah! This is going to be great!" Ivy exclaimed.
Emily looked around, her eyes landing on the colonial table. "I know where I'm going first!"
"Ooh! I am so checking that out!" Jessica cheered as she found the weapon display.
All of the girls split up and began their pursuing.

Emily began her historical journey at the afore mentioned colonial era table.
This dress is so beautiful! Emily thought. It looks a lot like one that I have at home...
But Emily wasn't the only one interested in the colonial era.

"Isn't the stitching just so tiny and perfect on this dress?" a sweet, although unfamiliar voice asked.
Emily glanced to her left and caught a glimpse of curly blonde hair. A small, awkward silence followed. When she didn't see anyone else around, Emily asked the blonde girl, "Were you talking to me?"

"Yes, I was," the girl answered with a smile.
"Oh!" Emily blushed slightly, embarrassed that she hadn't responded immediately. "I'm sorry! Um, yes, I think the dress is beautiful, but I hadn't even noticed the stitching."
Now it was the new girl's turn to blush. "Ah, yes... I sometimes forget that other people don't notice things like that!"
Emily quietly giggled, then went back to looking at the display.
But the blonde girl wasn't finished with her yet.

The girl stuck her hand out and said, "My name is Caroline."
Emily shook the girl's hand and replied, "I'm Emily. It is a pleasure to meet you, Caroline."

"So what brings you here?" Emily asked. "Are you a history enthusiast?"
Caroline smiled. "I'm more of a fashion enthusiast. I love coming to these events and seeing the genuine vintage clothing. It's so inspiring! Also..." Her smile became even wider as she continued, "It's a great excuse to dress up in a different time era. I love it!"
"Oh, yes, I love dressing up too!" Emily agreed. "And I love your dress by the way. It's lovely!"
"Thank you so much!" Caroline beamed. "I made it!"
"Really?" Emily asked in amazement. "It looks so professional!"
"Thank you! I have been sewing for a long time," Caroline explained. "I've gotten a lot better over the years!"
"So, are you a designer then?" Emily inquired.
"I am. I've always been drawn to fashion, and I've found that designing and making clothes is a great creative outlet for me," Caroline answered. "There is rarely a day that goes by where I am not working on something!"
"That is so cool!" Emily said.
Caroline's attention was drawn to another table. "Well, it was really nice to meet you, Emily! Have a great rest of your day!"

"Oh, you too!" Emily replied.
"Bye!" Caroline said, walking away with a wave.
"Goodbye!" Emily waved back.
On the opposite side of the room, Jess and Jessica were getting into a debate-- well, more like an argument...
"I just don't understand why you would dress up like a ninja of all things!" Jess's voice rose an octave as her frustration mounted.
"BECAUSE! Ninjas are awesome!" Jessica exclaimed. "Ivy totally gets it! Why don't you?"
"Because sometimes, I think you are from another planet!" Jess declared. "You don't wear dresses-- EVER--, you have an obsession with popcorn, and you came here dressed as a ninja-- which is an Asian thing-- to an AMERICAN history convention!!!"
"Some Asians are American!" Jessica retorted.

"I know that!" Jess nearly screamed. "But you came to this event as something straight from Asia, not as an Asian American!"
"Who cares?" Jessica asked. "Ninjas are cool, so why not dress up as one?" Jessica bent into one of her signature stretching poses.
"Ugh!" Jess threw up her hand in frustration. "I am so done with this!"

Meanwhile, in another part of the convention, Samantha struck up a conversation with Ivy.
"I love this outfit on you, Ivy!" Samantha complimented. "The swimwear of the early 1900s was really interesting, wasn't it?"

Ivy laughed. "I don't know why that has anything to do with my outfit, but sure, I guess so..."

"Well, you're wearing a swimsuit from the early 1900s," Samantha explained. "I was a bit surprised you chose to wear a swimsuit instead of a dress, but I didn't mention it, since you really liked this outfit."

"What." Ivy's face became completely rid of all emotion.

"Umm... What's going on, Ivy?" Samantha asked. "You kinda shut down on me."

"Samantha!" Ivy exclaimed, distraught. "Why didn't you tell me that I'm wearing a swimsuit?!"
"I didn't think that it mattered!" Samantha defended herself. "I mean, it's not like a regular swimsuit. It's more of a dress than anything!"

"I just can't believe I'm here, wearing a swimsuit!" Ivy's eyes were wide in her shock.
Samantha placed her hand on Ivy's shoulder. "Ivy, don't worry about it. You look great in this outfit, and there are lots of people here in all different kinds of clothing. Just look at Jessica! You are beautiful, no matter what kind of clothing you are wearing." Samantha stated, meaning every word she had said.

Ivy smiled. "Thanks, Samantha."
YES!!! I got Caroline during my trip to the American Girl store for Grace's debut! It was really special for me, since the last time I got an American Girl doll was probably more than five years ago. It feels like I'm just borrowing her, since she hasn't been part of the equation for very long. My first five dolls are a family, and I didn't feel right adding another girl into the mix, so I'm keeping her separate from them. But you will see more of Caroline, trust me.
I hope that you enjoyed this story! Thanks for reading!
XOXO Ginger Spice
P.S. Were you surprised by my bit of news?


  1. I didn't expect to see a new doll, congratulations! She is so pretty :)~Polka Dot Bee

    1. Thank you! I'm pretty excited to have her.

  2. YAAY! I love Caroline!! :D
    Oh, my goodness! Jessica is crazy! :P

    1. I love her too! Haha! I'm glad you are enjoying Jessica's zaniness!

  3. Congrats! I have Caroline and she's so pretty!


  4. People were so modest back then.....

    1. Right? Now people don't even care anymore!

  5. Hey, Ginger! I love your blog! This is a great photostory - HAHA, I love Jessica! Ninjas are awesome....but they don't quite belong at an American History Convention! XD
    The girl's historical dresses are beautiful - and congrats on getting Caroline! My BFF has her - I love her curls.

    1. Thank you so much for all of your compliments! I agree, ninjas aren't really supposed to be at this convention, but Jessica doesn't care! haha!